Flit Shopping

Flit Shopping 1.06

Make shopping social

Flit Shopping helps shoppers compare products, find sales, and do research before buying. View full description


  • Ability to compare multiple items
  • Tons of online retailers
  • Create lists of items
  • Purchase items from within the app


  • Many images look pixelated
  • Some links are broken
  • Have to join some sites to view products


Flit Shopping helps shoppers compare products, find sales, and do research before buying.

Online shopping is convenient but sometimes it can be difficult to search for and compare several items. Flit Shopping makes shopping easy. There are tons of retailers in Flit's database. Simply search for a specific product and retailers that have those products will show up in your search results.

There are lists of popular items and sales so you can browse if you don't have something specific in mind. The interface of Flit Shopping is reminiscent of Pinterest, with big images that show a short description of the item as well as how many 'cutes' it has.

Flit Shopping makes shopping social by integrating Facebook and Pinterest. You have the option to post a any item you find on Flit Shopping to these social networks to get feedback from your friends. It works seamlessly and there's even an option to use email so you can select specific friends.

The comparison feature in Flit Shopping works very well. It opens up products in their own windows, side by side, making it super easy to compare similar items. From there, you can purchase the item. Flit Shopping will add the item to your cart and you can checkout like you would on the retailer's site.

There are some user experience and performance problems with Flit Shopping. Many images and thumbnails look pixelated, especially on the iPad's Retina Display. There are some retailers that require users to create an account to gain access to their products so you'll have to create an account if you want to use that store.

Flit Shopping has great ideas about how to make shopping easier and social but it needs to fix little issues with its user experience.

Flit Shopping


Flit Shopping 1.06